How to Keep Birds from Building Nests?

It’s that time of year again when nuisance birds look for places to nest. Your house has many high nooks and crannies that provide shelter from the elements and predators while still being close to sustenance and water. Nesting sites include eaves, vents, solar panels, porch light fittings, patio covers, and rain gutters. Being proactive is the best efficient strategy to keep birds from nesting near your house.

How to Keep Birds from Building Nests?

Restricting Entrance Holes

Whenever undesirable birds take over birdhouses, altering the diameter of the entry hole is a simple method to drive them out. This is incredibly useful when more giant birds, such as European starlings or house sparrows take over nests intended for wrens, bluebirds, or swallows. A front plating or a small length of pipe to form a tunnel to the doorway are simple solutions to keep undesirable birds away from birdhouses.

Block Cavity Entrances

Cavity-nesting birds may explore a wide variety of inappropriate nesting locations, including dryer vents, pipe connections, chimneys, or tiny holes leading to attics or other unwelcome areas. Blocking such openings with metal mesh, wood scraps, expandable foam, or other obstacles can prevent birds from nesting. Be confident no birds are currently within the cavity when you place the obstruction.

Light Flashes

Birds like peaceful, quiet locations to nest, and occasional light flashes might make them anxious and less inclined to build their nest there. However, add many tiny mirrors to unwanted nesting locations, and birds may not only run due to the brightness, but their images may deceive the birds into thinking the spot has already been taken.


Whatever the purpose for preventing nests, there are various methods to do it without causing injury to the birds or reducing their possibilities of producing a healthy brood of chicks. These approaches can assist in making a place undesirable for nesting long before the birds indicate a desire to establish a nest.