How to Get a Pet Crow?

It’s difficult for animal enthusiasts to resist the allure of keeping almost any sort of animal as a pet. Intelligent animals, such as crows, naturally rise to the highest point of the ranking. Many individuals even make friends with the crows that roost near their houses or at the neighborhood park. Because they make excellent “friends” in this way, it is logical to assume that a crow would also make a wonderful pet. But, of course, realities and our desires are not always in alignment.

How to Get a Pet Crow?

Can You Have A Crow As A Pet?

In the United States, it is unlawful to have a crow as a pet. Crows are protected by the federal Migratory Bird Act of 1918, which renders it illegal to possess one and harm or destroy one, except in a particular specified case when the crows pose a threat to health land endangered animals. There are just a few instances in which you can acquire a permit to care for one.

Are Any Crows Legal To Own?

You can raise certain kinds of crow that are not resident to the United States and are not protected by federal law. Crows raised as pets include the white-necked raven, the pied crow, and a mix of the two. These creatures are identical to American Crows, except that they have partial white plumage on their bellies instead of being all black. Unfortunately, these species are difficult to obtain since they are specifically bred, and you should estimate to spend between $2,000 and $6000 for one.


Crows are very clever animals. They must exercise both their thoughts and their bodies. According to legend, keeping a crow is like looking for a two-year-old child who will never reach adulthood. But it’s worse for a crow because if it doesn’t obtain the chance to utilize its brains, consider stuff through, and problem solves, it will experience negative mental health consequences.