Why do Dogs Eat Poop?

Dogs are one of the most common pets around the world as they are very friendly and faithful. But what if you find your dog eating poop? Is it not is an unusual behavior? Or is it common in dogs? Yes, it is an unpleasant habit but not a rare habit. Many dogs have a habit of eating poop. Veterinarians consider it quite normal among dogs. However, this can be a sign of any other mental or health problem.

Why do Dogs Eat Poop?

This habit of eating own poop in dogs is known as canine conspecific coprophagy, and this behavior has no link with the diet patterns of your dog. It may or may indicate any nutritional deficiency. But it may be due to without any cause. It is just a bad habit.

Common in mothers

This thing is also common among mothers as they want to keep their puppies clean, so they eat the poop to keep the den neat. If this is the scenario, then it is a very normal thing. You should not consider it disgusting.

Greedy dogs

Moreover, some dogs eat poop because they have a greedy nature. Even after finishing their own food, they start eating their poop. In this scenario, you should take care of your dog food. Offer them enough quantity treat they don’t go towards the poop.

Digestion problems

Another common cause of eating poop is the presence of undigested food particles in the poop. This indicates a medical problem. ( digestion issue) in this case, take your dog to the veterinary to rule out the medical problem.

To get attention

Last but not least, some dogs do this thing just to get your attention and to be in other eyes. As people suddenly give a strong response on such act. So, in that case, you just need to ignore the dog for a little while to discourage them for the next time.

All these tips help you in taking your pet towards healthy lifestyle.