What Happens if You Give a Dog too Much Insulin?

The dog is the most loyal pet animal; it is more popular among pet lovers. Often dogs suffer from diabetes and high sugar levels. Diabetes may slowly lead your dog to blindness, enlarged liver, and eventually to death. Few indicators indicate whether your dog is diabetic or not. Most common is increased thirst and less appetite.

What Happens if You Give a Dog too Much Insulin?

If you find any of the diabetic indicators, immediately contact the vet. To deal with diabetes, you should follow a diet plan. Feed your dog every day at a time and with the same amount of food. It helps to contain blood sugar levels in the dog. In addition, you should inject two insulin injections every day. But excess insulin may have a severe impact on your dog’s health.

Consequences of excessive dosage of insulin

A diabetic dog requires a specific amount of insulin to survive, ideally an injection after every 12 hours. But the excessive dosage of insulin can also be deadly for your dog. Your dog can face life-ending hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a condition where your blood sugar levels or glucose present in your blood become lower than its normal levels. Your dog may feel more thirsty, hungry. Low blood sugar levels can end your dog’s life in no time. In case of an overdose of insulin, quickly contact your vet to save your pet’s life.


Insulin is essential for a diabetic dog. A diabetic dog requires insulin two times a day to maintain its blood sugar level. But there is a saying, “excess of anything is bad,” same as insulin’s case. Overdosage of insulin can lower blood sugar levels dangerously, maybe to the extent of death. Moderation should be adopted even during the medication of your dog.