How to Stop a Dog from Chewing?

When adopting a new puppy, one thing that most new pet parents are unprepared for is the dog’s tendency to gnaw on everything. Adult dogs might also develop a chewing habit. It becomes even more challenging when your puppy or dog begins stealing your new shoes, clothing, or other things. They start using them as chew toys. See Also: Ruffwear Front Range Harness

There are a few suggestions for breaking this habit.

How to Stop a Dog from Chewing?

Maintain vigilance.

Keep an eye on your puppy or dog at all times to safeguard him from his natural curiosity and want to put everything in his mouth and chew on it.

Restriction of the region while your absence

Use a dog crate or dog gates to separate a small room in your home. This hurdle will prevent him from accessing undesirable chewing objects and will assist him in remaining on track with toilet training.

Hide any items that a dog could chew on.

You must secure all items that your dog can swallow. A diligent dog can access even seemingly inaccessible objects.

Make careful toy selections for your dog.

Purchase the only dog chew toys that have been made with the safety of your dog in mind.


When you notice your dog chewing on an improper object, interrupt him and redirect his focus to a chewable toy.

Never provide your dog with an old shoe or pair of old socks to chew.

You are unknowingly teaching him that it is acceptable to chew on shoes and socks, and sooner or later, one of your most beloved or most costly shoes will wind up as a canine chew toy.

By following the recommendations above, you can exert influence over your dog’s behavior. Therefore, keep them occupied with other things and keep an eye on them to avoid undesirable outcomes.