What to Feed Stray Cats?

Cats are living along with men for thousands of years. Sometimes you may meet with a lost pet feline or a hungry feral cat outside your house. You necessarily do not keep cat food with you at home. So what to feed a hungry stray cat? There are some alternatives to cat food you can feed a cat in case you suddenly meet up with a hungry stray cat.

What to Feed Stray Cats?

  • Salmon

Salmon is healthy food for humans; it is a great source of omega 3 and fatty acids. A specific amount of fatty acids is necessary for good health. Salmon is not only good for human health, but it is healthy food for cats as well. You can feed salmon to cats if you are unable to find cat food. There are some precautionary measures to follow; make sure that you have removed all the bones. If bones are not good for humans, it is surely unhealthier for cats as well. Cook salmon a little bit to lessen its negative effects.

  • Chicken

Chicken is the most common and favorite meat of humans all over the globe. It is because of its availability, affordability, and protein richness. Cats are the natural meat-eaters; you can quest the hunger of a stray cat by feeding some chicken. Its only prerequisite is to boil a little. Ensure that cats do not gorge; indulging can disturb a feline’s stomach.

  • Bread

You may not have chicken or salmon in your refrigerator, but bread is an essential part of man’s everyday life. Bread is enriched with nutrients and fiber. So if you find a stray cat somewhere, you can treat feline with bread. To abate bread’s harmful impacts, slightly bake the bread and make it yeast-free.


Approaching any stray animal can be dangerous. A stray cat can attack and injure you. Before approaching a stray cat, observe all precautionary measures to be safe and secure.