How Quickly do Fleas Reproduce?

Fleas reproduce rapidly. A flea may survive for more than 100 days if left alone and without a meal (blood from a host). They stay an average of two to three months. Female fleas do not lay eggs until 36-48 hours after their first blood meal. In her lifespan, a female flea may lay up to 2,000 eggs. Moreover, Only 5% of fleas survive as adults in the environment; 95% of fleas exist as eggs, larvae, or pupae.

How Quickly do Fleas Reproduce?

Different stages of fleas:

Fleas have a short life cycle, which means they reproduce quickly.

  • Adult Fleas – attach themselves to your dog or cat, feast on its blood, and then begin producing eggs.
  • Eggs – a single female may lay up to 50 eggs each day, which she deposits in carpets and beds before hatching.
  • Larvae – after hatching, the larvae migrate away from light, deeper into carpets, and under furniture, where they mature into pupae. At this stage, the larvae feed on organic waste.

How to eradicate the fleas completely

To eradicate fleas, you must interrupt their life cycle. This lifetime may last as little as two to three weeks or as long as six months. To eliminate fleas from your home, you must interrupt this cycle. While you may manage some adults using room foggers, there may be larvae remaining in carpets, cracks, and crevices that the foggers will miss. The eggs and larvae are the most difficult to remove entirely.


You must eradicate fleas and eggs from your whole home, as well as from your pets. Additionally, do not think that your issue is resolved just because you do not see adult fleas. So, within a week or two, the larvae will develop, and you will once again witness leaping fleas.