How to Clean a Fish Tank?

  • Cleansing of fish tanks is fundamental to the good health of fish. A hygienic aquarium guarantees the rapid growth of fish. To hygiene your fish tank, you need to clean.
  • Water
  • Inner glass
  • Corners of glass
  • Stones and woods
  • Outer glass

You can clean your fish tank using various methods and techniques. But here, I will tell you how you can clean your aquarium without any expansive tools.

How to Clean a Fish Tank?

  • How to clean water?

Clear and crystal water makes your aquarium a nice look. Your fish tank looks more appealing with clean water. For clear and crystal water, use hang-on back filters. Hang on a back filter or HOB is an all-around filter; it performs all three types of filtration, i.e., mechanical, biological, and chemical. Moreover, hang-on-back filters are easy to use, so HOB is the best tool for newbies. HOB will be filtering your fish tank at a reasonable price.

  • How to clean the inner glass of the fish tank?

Dust may accumulate in the inner glass of the tank. To get rid of dust, you need a credit card. Isn’t it amazing to use a credit card for dusting instead in ATM? You need to hold the credit card at an angle of 45 degrees in a horizontal way and slide the card upside down to clear the glass from all kinds of dirt. Rehash the cycle until your glass gets clear.

  • How to clean the stones and corners of the aquarium?

You can use a toothbrush for cleaning the corners of the aquarium and stones and rocks.  Just brush the inner corners of glass and stones in the same manner as you do with your teeth. This will help you to clear dirt and accumulated sand from corners and rocks.

  • How to clean outer glass?

To clean the outer glass of the fish tank, you need a newspaper and some water. In the cleansing process of glass, the newspaper is more effective than a piece of cloth.