What do Fish Eat?

Fish eats various kind of foods depending on habitat and eco-system they are living in. So the answer to this question is not a single food. You can feed an immense number of foods to your pet fish. There are numbers of food varieties you can feed for the best health of fish. I can not disclose all of them, but here are some best foods you should purchase for fish.

What do Fish Eat?

  • Daphnia

Frozen daphnia works well for fish. Daphnia contains a high amount of protein which is considered necessary for the good health of fish. Frozen daphnia should be soaked for 15 to 20 minutes to prevent its harmful effect. The small size of daphnia is the quality that makes it ideal for almost all kinds of fish.

  • Brine shrimp

Frozen brine shrimp or brine shrimp eggs is also a healthy food for aquarium fish, nearly of all kinds. Brine shrimp is the best source of amino acids that helps young fish in growth. Amino acids are also important for adult fish for their health and sustentation.

  • Mysis shrimp

Mysis shrimps are another choice for you to feed your aquarium fish. Both frozen and live Mysis shrimp can be fed to fish. When it comes to frozen food, maysis shrimp are more beneficial and healthier than brine shrimp. Mysis shrimp are a bit bigger than brine shrimp.

  • Blood worms

Blood worms are the favorite of almost all kinds of fish. Blood worms contain a high amount of iron, but unfortunately, it lacks other essentials for the good health of fish, such as amino acids and proteins. Feed blood worms to your aquarium fish alongside other foods to maintain their health and growth.

Final verdict

All previously mentioned food sources and some different food varieties, such as Algae chips and Bugs, are useful for your fish, but sticking on one food may cause trouble. You are feeding the same food every day slowdowns the growth process of fish. Use different varieties of food for the best care of your aquarium fish.