What to Do with Stray Cats?

You may find a lost pet or an adventurous feral cat roaming around your house. It is to be noted that feral cats like to live outside; most of the time, they do not need any help or assistance. On the other hand, lost pet cats may find it hard to survive outside without any assistance from the owner. The first step is to identify whether the cat is feral or pet.

What to Do with Stray Cats?

How to differentiate between a pet cat and a feral cat?

If you are a cat lover, you may quickly identify pet cats. If you do not know anything about cats, there are the following indicators to differentiate between them.

  • A pet cat is more social and may not feel reluctant if you approach, while feral cats are not man-friendly and may find it hard to socialize.
  • A pet cat may be dirtier as it is not accustomed to living outside, while feral cats live outside, so they are more clean and cultured.

How to deal with stray pet cats?

Lost or stray pet cats can not survive long away from their owners. So for a lost pet cat, the most important and noble thing you can do is find a kitty home.

  • Find owners

First of all, ensure that it is a pet cat, then start struggling to find the cat’s owners. A pet cat even attacks, harm and behave aggressively towards you so be careful even approaching a pet cat. Tie a note in the cat’s collar and hang posters of ‘found a cat’ everywhere near you. Remain in contact with local shelters and veterinarians. Continuously read the newspaper as you may find some ‘lost pet’ announcement there. If you fail in finding feline’s old house, try to find new owners. Adopt the cat if you can afford or leave it in a shelter where it may find a new house.