How to Get Rid of Horse Flies?

Horseflies belong to the “Tabanidae” of flies and are usually more significant than other flies. They bite animals as well as humans to get blood as food for them. Horseflies are also more dangerous ar they are very aggressive, and they have scissors-like bites. However, they are active during the daytime rather than night and attack mostly in sunlight.

How to Get Rid of Horse Flies?

How to identify horse flies

If your garden or yard has horse flies, you can quickly identify them by their giant size(¾ to 1-¼ inches long), dark brown or grey color, and black or green eye color.

Moreover, the bites of horse flies are not the same as mosquitoes. They are painful, and you will feel pain at once. You can ignore the edge of a mosquito, but you can’t forget the bite of a horsefly. So, keeping your garden free from horse flies is mandatory for yourself and your pets ( if any).

There are many tips that you can follow to keep the horseflies away from your garden. Let see them one by one.

Clean your garden

Horseflies like to stay in damp areas where the moisture level is high and the grass is long. That is why they are also ubiquitous near beach areas. To maintain your garden by using lawn mover frequently, and don’t allow water to pool in any area of your garden.

Remove feces or garbage.

Horseflies love garbage or animal feces. If your pets, then you should keep the cleanliness of your yard more often. Moreover, have such trash bins that have lids on them.

Use Candles smell.

Horseflies don’t like the smell of citronella candles. So you use them to keep the flies away from the garden, especially when you are having a party at home.


Cleanliness is the key to keep the horseflies away.  Follow the above tips to protect yourself from horse flies. You will not face problem by just adopting proper hygiene.