What to do if Your Cat Has Fleas?

Your cat appears to be agitated. She’s itching and chewing herself, and her skin may appear red or inflamed. These might be indicators that your feline companion has fleas, particularly in the spring and summer when these parasites grow in hot conditions. However, it might be challenging to figure out how to relieve fleas on cats and in your house.

What to do if Your Cat Has Fleas?

Step 1: Eliminate as many fleas as possible.

If you detect fleas, flea filth, or flea eggs on your cat, begin the primary cure by combing and washing your cat to remove as many as possible.

Step 2: Apply for flea medicine.

After you’ve eliminated as many fleas as feasible by bathing and combing, you’ll require to medicate your cat for fleas at each stage of development: egg, larval, pupa, and adult. Cat flea treatment comes in a variety of forms. Please consult your veterinarian about their instructions for your cat since the dosage is determined by size, age, and some other factors.

Step 3: Sprays, Conditioners, and Powders

Additional cat flea remedies available at pet supply stores contain dust, conditioners, and shampoos.

These treatments aren’t always successful since they don’t give long-term protection against hatching eggs.

Step 4: Prevent fleas from returning

Although oral and spot-on flea treatments can eliminate fleas on your cat in a couple of hours, it is critical to maintaining taking them for the remainder of the prescribed period to ensure total elimination of the flea issue. In addition, you must repeat the procedure as directed by the manufacturer regularly.


Once you’ve determined that your cat has fleas, you’ll need to get rid of the bothersome hitchhikers as soon as possible. Because not all flea treatments address every life stage, you may require to take numerous measures to treat and remove fleas from your house and pets effectively. However, taking these steps can assist you in getting rid of the fleas.