Antifreeze Deaths of Five Cats Investigated

Five animals died in an Aberdeenshire hamlet after swallowing Antifreeze.

According to the Scottish SPCA, the fatalities occurred in Drumlithie during the past six months.

Last week, the most recent instance occurred when an 11-month-old cat named Smudge died after being exposed to a “significant quantity” of Antifreeze.

Antifreeze Deaths of Five Cats Investigated

Kelly Strachan, Smudge’s distraught owner, claimed the doctor could not rescue the black and white family cat because his whole body had shut down.

According to the animal charity, Antifreeze causes “a very long and agonising death” in pets such as cats and dogs.

Sixth death from antifreeze

Karen Cooper, the inspector of the Scottish SPCA, stated: “We have received complaints to our helpline that Smudge was the sixth cat to die from antifreeze poisoning in the Drumlithie area in the past six months.

“The veterinarian investigated that these poor souls were poisoned by Antifreeze. Everyone should be cautious while disposing of antifreeze, since it is a very hazardous substance that should be disposed of with extreme care.”

‘I adored him.’

Users are subjected to stringent guidelines, and anyone who uses the substance with the intent to cause harm commits a crime, she explained.

Ms Strachan, 27, told BBC Scotland News that at first, she believed Smudge had been struck by a car.

Because he loved the youngsters, Smudge preferred hanging around at village hall. He was found on the grass, still and unmoving.

“I thought that he had been struck by a vehicle, but the vet ran scans and discovered nothing.”

She said, however, that testing revealed antifreeze levels were “over the sky” and that nothing could be done.

“When our three and nine year old children received him as Christmas gifts, they were excited. Since they are on holidays, they are not aware of the situation at the time.”