Cat Death Rise: ‘It is Like Losing a Family Member’

Freyja, Steven Barrett’s beloved cat, seemed well a little over a week ago, but she quickly deteriorated and died on Tuesday.

Steven is concerned that her death was caused by the dry cat food he was giving her without being aware that it had been recalled.

Recently, there has been a significant increase in the prevalence of an uncommon illness termed feline pancytopenia in the United Kingdom.

Cat Death Rise: 'It is Like Losing a Family Member'

The investigation into a potential connection to Fold Hill Foods’ pet food continues.

Steven had bought a 7.5kg bag of Applaws Chicken dry cat food on Amazon for Freyja, a nine-year-old cat who had been sick for six days.

He was unaware that the food had been recalled in June until he attempted to purchase another bag, discovered that it was unavailable, and began looking online.

Steven immediately brought Freyja to the veterinarian after learning about the recall and potential connection to pancytopenia.

She did, however, quickly deteriorate. She got palliative treatment, but the veterinarian was unable to help her further.

She succumbed to organ failure as a result of probable pancytopenia.

“It is our family member ‘death,” he adds.

“I’m in mourning,” he continues.

What is Pancytopenia

Pancytopenia is a bone marrow disorder that causes a fast decline in the number of blood cells and is often deadly.

According to the Royal Veterinary College, there has been a significant increase in pancytopenia in cats, which began to accelerate in the spring (RVC).

There have been 528 confirmed instances so far this year, with 335 of those animals dying.

Steven, a lawyer, is the father of a small girl, and Freyja had accompanied them every day throughout the coronavirus lockdowns.

“It’s a complete nightmare,” he continues. “I had not anticipated her death.”

Steven was taken aback by Freyja’s rapid decline, and he described the illness as “virulent and extremely fast.”