Top 3 Online Pet Stores in Visakhapatnam

Good day pet lovers of Vizag! If you’re looking to buy supplies for your furry, scaly or feathered friends online, here are the top 3 pet stores in our city.

Online Pet Stores in Visakhapatnam

Visakha Pet Store: The Number One Choice

Located in Railway New Colony, Visakhapatnam, Visakha Pet Store has served the Vizag community for over a decade. Specializing in dog and cat food, they stock major brands like Dibaq, Pedigree and Royal Canin. They offer a wide selection of dry and wet foods to suit all life stages and dietary needs.

What makes them stand out is their commitment to wholesaling. In addition to retail, they supply pet shops and vet clinics across Vizag. This allows competitive pricing. They also have plans to expand product lines to include more accessories, toys, grooming supplies and aquarium items.

Visakha Pet Store prides itself on excellent customer service. Friendly staff provide feeding or training advice. They offer delivery for large orders. Overall, Visakha Pet Store is a great one-stop option at affordable prices.

Marshallls Pet Zone: A Wider Selection

Marshallls Pet Zone has items for dogs, cats, fish, birds and small pets. You’ll find major food brands as well as treats, toys, beds, leashes, litter and other accessories.

They have a good selection of aquarium and pet bird supplies, including tanks, filters, decor, feeders and more. While Marshallls Pet Zone is more comprehensive than Visakha Pet Store, their prices tend to be slightly higher. The staff is friendly but may not have as much specialized knowledge.

Petsy: For Exotic Pets

Petsy has products for dogs, cats, fish, birds, small pets and even turtles. You can source food, accessories, toys and habitat items under one roof.

Petsy prides itself on its turtle and exotic pet selection. In addition to common turtle breeds, they occasionally stock more unusual varieties. However, Petsy tends to be the most expensive of the three stores. Their prices are on par with national pet store chains. 


In conclusion, for basic pet supplies at the best prices, Visakha Pet Store remains the top choice in Vizag. But Marshallls Pet Zone and Petsy are also good one-stop options if you need a wider selection or exotic pet items. Overall, Vizag residents are well served by these quality local pet stores.